We are expecting! Baby due February 18th!

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 11.03.31 AM.png

Hey guys! It has been over a month since we have made a post, and that mostly comes with a certain degree of intent. In the last post, we shared about choosing our donor.  We were a few days into our IUI and had plans to write about our TTC journey.  After the two week wait, on a Sunday morning we woke up and went right into the bathroom.  Jocelynn took a pregnancy test, we covered it up and waited three minutes.  We had mentally prepared for our first negative while trying not to become too excited about the possibility of a positive.  We turned over the pregnancy test and Jocelynn started crying at she saw a positive! We both just could not believe it!

With that said, we have been mostly quiet about our positive, telling a few family members and close friends until the first ultrasound.  We decided not to comment on social media about the happy news until we knew for sure.  On Friday, July 7th we had our first ultrasound and can finally announce how incredibly lucky we are to have a baby on the way!

We plan to share more about our journey as the pregnancy progresses.  The outpouring of love and support during this process has been absolutely incredible.  For those still on the TTC journey, it has opened our eyes and our hearts to what a painful process this can sometimes be.  We are always thinking of you!

Look for more updates soon….

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